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According to the Bible, Should I Buy a Slave?

May 11, 2010

Does the Bible support slavery?

Are you in the mood to buy yourself a nice slave? Are you wondering what the Bible has to say about this important decision? There are legal and moral considerations to be made on this huge and life changing choice that is before you. Let us discuss what the Bible has to say to you.

Now obviously basically all societies currently on earth frown on slavery. In the United States where I live owning a slave is highly illegal. If a Christian should or should not obey the laws of their land is a complex topic and another study for another day. We do not have time to cover that issue today, but surely we should value Gods perfect laws over the laws of man.

Now one thing is for sure, the Bible speaks about slavery frequently. It covers instructions for slaves, instructions on how masters should treat slaves, the Israelites escape out of the land of slavery, metaphorical slavery, and how slaves can get to heaven. Slavery is mentioned many times in many different contexts. Without doubt this is a topic that is covered far and wide in the Bible.

So let us open up the Holy Word of God and see what is brings to us.