Should I Kill Gay People?

Does the Bible support killing gays?

This is another tough subject to conquer. Sometimes the Bible is hard to understand when it comes to knowing what a person can and cannot do. I do believe all answers to all of our hardest questions can be found in the Bible. We simply must come forward with an open heart and mind and be willing to listen. God will speak to us if we are willing to hear.

I think we all know there is a difference between murder and killing. Murder is done to innocent people who don’t deserve to die. That is a sin and should be punished. Sometimes though, if someone is going to harm you or your loved ones, you may have no choice but to kill them. There are rare times when killing is acceptable under God’s law. Time of war and battle fall into this category. But in what other situations is killing acceptable? When our moral foundations are threatened, is that something we can kill for? Let us open us the good word that the Lord God has provided for us and read what he has to say to us today.

Leviticus 20:13
If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

I know this seems very straightforward. We sometimes have to think over the words of the Bible, and make sure they do not have hidden meanings. We must address spiritual and historical contexts. I know from my discussions with many other believers that often this is considered to be Old Covenant law. This may or may not be true, let us look at this at that concern. If this were Old Covenant law, there would be no supporting texts in the New Testament. So we must open up our New Testament and see how it treats this subject matter.

1 Corinthians 6:9
Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders

1 Timothy 1:9-10
9 We also know that law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious; for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, 10 for adulterers and [perverts], for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine

Regarding 1 Timothy 1:10, some translations of the original text do use the word homosexuals instead of perverts. If you open up your New American Standard Bible you will see this is the case. Overall we can see that the New Testament clearly condemns gays. There is not much ambiguity here. However, we now have a new question at hand. Does this mean that we should be killing the gays, or should we live and let live? We have to do more reading! The Holy Word always provides an answer!

Romans 1:24-32
24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.
26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.
28 Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

Again another verse that speaks of the sin of homosexuality! The text “men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another” clearly points to these depraved sinners. But this verse in the wonderful book of Romans comes with a clear suggestion! These verses read: “those who do such things deserve death“. What a wonderful and clear word from our awesome and loving God!!

I think the best part of this is that this shows that regarding homosexuality Old Covenant laws still stand! We should indeed kill the gays as our holy book tells us. In Genesis 19:4-5, 24-25, God himself even set an example for us by killing all of the homosexual sinners in Sodom and Gomorrah. Is it not exciting when God speaks so clearly to us! The Bible does indeed have all of the answers for us. As 2 Chronicles 15:12-13 points out to us, anyone who does not seek the Lord God of Israel should be put to death. The Lord is wonderful and may his name last forever.

To conclude this study, we should pray that God gives us the strength to kill gays when we need to. We know he will, as he always provides for us when we need it the most.

Further reading:
You may also want to read my non-contradictory and completely in agreement Bible study on how the Bible supports gay marriage. That study is full of Gods grace and love and does not disagree with this study one bit.

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213 Responses to “Should I Kill Gay People?”

  1. Cyril Fitzgerald Says:

    “In Genesis 19:4-5, 24-25, God himself even set an example for us by killing all of the homosexual sinners in Sodom and Gomorrah” Erm, “excuse me” but there’s a big difference between us and God – you assume to act on behalf of/act like God, what arrogance!
    Whilst you conveniently quote from The Bible those parts which you assume support your “position” – have you forgot about the 10 Commandments – i.e. “Thou shalt not Kill” – or doesn’t that apply to you?
    Perhaps I should pray that God gives me the strength to kill those that misrepresent him, but I shall not. God is “about” love and forgiveness, not retribution as your warped sense of belief suggests. I suggest that you pray to God for TRUE guidance and forgiveness for having these thoughts, and displaying them in public – you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Seriously?! This is what the bible teaches?! By the gods! Your religion preaches murder? How could murder ever be justified? I myself am heterosexual and also a witch. I refuse to follow a deity who inspires murder and oppression. Your god Yhwh sounds worse than Hades! I personally have nothing against homosexuality. I’m not that immoral. You however are clearly a very evil person. I may not believe in your Satan however you are clearly carrying out his will. I seriously doubt Christ said murder in my name. From what i hear his message was love and acceptance not genocide and oppression. I am quite positive a loving homosexual Christian is more likely to go to heaven rather than a murderous heterosexual Christian. You really need to rethink your ideology of morality. Murder is not love and certainly not tolerated by a deity who supports love.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hey dumb ass. Any man who sucks another man’s dick or fucks him in the ass should be put to death immediately by whomever can kill him the quickest. Same for bull dike carpet munching shemale lesbians. EVERYTHING that a queer does with his own gender is EXACTLY the samevas a heterosexual couple. Therefore there is nothing you will ever say or do to convince anyone that you “were born that way”. Born to fuck other men. I dont think so. You and your faggot buddies President Obama and anyone else who condones homosexuality can go go straight to hell and will.

      • Anonymous Says:

        this comment….has made me want to murder people….Anti-gay people in particular…..

  2. dave Says:


  3. Ravi Says:

    Yes kill all gays it makes god very angry!!! I hate those fuckers really bad I just want all of them to die.i pray every night for them to die

    • Anonymous Says:

      if i was straight, i can get 10x more pussy than you motherfucker U JELLY? GAY PRIDE <3 suck my huge gay dick bitch..

      • Gay boy Says:


      • Anonymous Says:


      • Anonymous Says:

        Wait a second Ravi, isn’t cursing a sin? Some follower you are.. #fuckshitwhore

      • Richard Says:

        You can be glad

    • Anonymous Says:

      are you serious? this is why i hate religion, because some (NOT ALL!!! only some) idiots like you fucker say all this shit. you know what? YOU are the one who should die. i don’t believe in hell, but BURN THERE.

      • Jennifer Smith Says:

        On behalf of true Christians everywhere I apologise for the unscriptural and horrific views posted on this site and I apologise to you personally, on behalf of Christ himself, for the hate and suffering homosexuals have endured throughout history at the hands of the corrupt Church. Please forgive us. If you would like further discussion or have further questions my email is

  4. Max Says:

    Wow. Good thing you people are so far on the right wing that you’ll never get a following.

    Isn’t so rad how someone can pick and choose the portions of the bible that fit into their paradigm, and downplay the ones that refute it?

    Why know, when you can just believe?

  5. ben Says:

    I really do hate gay people

    • Anonymous Says:

      well, us gay people hate you, so fuck off with your holier than thou attitude

      • They call me Ted Says:

        Wait Straight people? Holier than thou???

        that describes Every fuckng homosexual out there. frankly they piss me off to no end. (im leaving religion out of this)

        The point of mankind being straight is for the purpose of procreation. ignoring the bible if Gay people arent going to do their job properly they dont need to be here, and all of them need to be destroyed.

        Maybe next time you guys will think before you start acting like a woman. I was raised my whole life to act like a Man. Be a gentleman, and treat ladies with respect.

        and for the love of god stop showing off how gay you are. You dont see straight people flaunting how straight they are as if to prove a point. keep that shit to yourself, so when i see you i dont Puke in my mouth,

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How can i become an anti gay activist? or a movement to extinct gays from humanity? Someone start the clan, please… and I will follow the movement.

    • yourlame Says:


    • Person who has common sense Says Says:

      I took a shit yesterday it was smarter then you

    • Anonymous Says:

      wow you’re tolerant! i’m not christian myself – definitely not – but aren’t you meant to love everyone and make sure everyone is equal? cos your god loves everyone? the bible was written ages ago; society is more accepting now. apart from you motherfuckers. DIE.

      • Anonymous Says:

        “Loving everyone” is your way of saying tolerating evil. Like they say “the only way for evil to persist is for good people to do nothing.” Well, we’re doing something!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      The KKK already exists dumbass…

      • I'm Angry, How are you? Says:

        Well Homosexuality and Racial matters are two different things. do not treat gays as if they are some Race that needs protection. they are a group of, loud, annoying, effeminate, superficial, and downright sickening assholes. Unlike race you can change things about homosexuality. (yes it is possible to become straight again, an old pal of mine used to be gay till he lost the taste for men) or at the very least they can not act like a total Fag out in public, and just act like normal people, seriously i dont know what the gay people’s problem is. 90% of the time you can tell if someone is gay. and there are some cool gay people. but what makes them cool? simple. You Dont know, because they live their lives Normally. why cant that 90% be more like the other 10? why must we be subject to torture by faggotry?

        miss all that? simple. Race isnt a choice, gay is a Choice/Lifestyle do not treat Lifestyle as if it were genetics.

        there should be more anti-gay groups out there that just focus on gays and not race.

    • Splitcell Says:

      please give me your address and i’ll leave a package containing some C4, depending on my mood it will either be pressure triggered or proximity triggered your choice.

      Also my brother would like to say this “BURN IN THE PITS OF TARTARUS!!!!!!!”

  7. Anonymous Says:

    You are to love your enemies. That was Christ’s unmistakable lesson.

    • Justified By God Says:

      Yes the Bible definitely says that! You are exactly right! I’m so glad such good words are in his Holy Book.

    • Anonymous Says:

      gay people aren’t your enemies; they are like you, but like people of the same sex. problem? no.

      • Splitcell Says:

        there is still hope for humanity, we just need to stop being xenophobic inward looking assholes

    • Anonymous Says:

      We are going to spare them by killing them. That is my act of love toward those disgusting assholes. After all, don’t we hate the sin an not the person. It is okay to kill gay people because God has commissioned me to do so.

  8. ADF Says:

    You guys are the scum of the world; u should be killed..

  9. Small One Says:

    If you are a Christian, the only words that matter in the Bible are printed in Red. Most of the other words were written centurys after Christ walked the Earth. Murder, Kill, condemn, destroy, are NOT written in red anywhere. Christ preached love, salvation, and faith. Most of the people who condemn and kill in name of God are false prophets who want to be God. Let God do his works. He does not need your help.

  10. GHOST Says:

    The 10 commandments are right, god does not support killing.
    The bible quotes are right: god does not support killing. NOWHERE in the bible does it say otherwise than the quotes the OP posted.
    And thus one conclusion: god says be good and man and women together, and don’t be gay.
    Also, it is not onto us to enforce gods rules, when god destroyed that city and then a different time flooded the world. It was because god himself was enforcing his rules. He did those enforcings because one of the big reasons was gays, and also people having sex with animals. And stealing and worshiping Satan.

    God enforces his rules, we do not.
    We be nice and NOT gay, and god loves us.
    If we be gay and have animals and Satan in bad ways, god enforces his rules onto us.
    The end…
    So basically everyone who supported and promoted legalizing gay people or being gay are opposing god, atheist or not, and thus god is waiting for the right time to enforce his rule and punish them.
    It’s just simple logic people, if you do not believe it, follow it out on a flow chart, it’s not arguable…

    • Anonymous Says:

      if god says don’t be gay, then he’s a judgmental idiot. and how can an atheist person oppose god? i don’t believe in him; in my mind, GOD IS NOT REAL. you can believe that, i don’t mind, i let people believe whatever, but hating gay people? that’s wrong.

  11. Mike Says:

    What the fuck. t doesn’t matter is someone is gay. They are human beings and as such deserve to be treated with love and respect. Honestly you are going to go out killing people because a 5,000 year old book told you so. You are serverly messed up in the head and should commit suicide because you are clearly noncontributing to society in any way. Also if you have ever eaten lobster your going to hell, if you’ve ever eaten a cheese burger your going to hell, if you’ve ever worn a cloth made of blended fiber your going to hell. Since you are will to kill people just because a book told you too you have proven to everyone you are crazy and have no place in society. So as I said before kill yourself because no one has or ever will like you because your a crazy mother fucker. Oh and so is the person who left the first comment so the above message applies to him to.

  12. Peter Rock Favazza Says:

    Wow I am so lucky to have stumbled on your very informative site.

    Here is another site I am sure you will love.

    and another one for you

    Enjoy. I can’t wait to hear the comments. Very entertaining!

    • Anonymous Says:

      26 For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; 27 and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

      It clearly states my times over in the bible you are wrong homosexual ways are against GOD. I will pray for your sins

      • Splitcell Says:

        Does your precious bible talk about any “Gay incidents” like a plague or a massacre from gays to others?

        if there is something involving gays and death it only means “death to gays” and not “death from gays” because as far as I know gays just want to be accepted into society and live their lives.

      • Anonymous Says:

        God is not real in any context. Religion was simply a way to control the masses thousands of years ago so we would not revert to our natural ways of being. now that we have government, restraint, self-control, and some of us have intelligence the void that god filled is no longer. you only prove your ignoranance if you honestly believe killing another human because a book written 3,000 years ago by people with intelligence of a 1st grader told you to.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I think Jesus was a hottie! – Sam from Boston

  14. homosinner Says:

    I’m a gay guy in south Florida, and I completely agree that us homosexuals should be killed. If anyone from down here is reading this and wants to make an example of me, let me know.

  15. Jack Says:

    Don’t believe anything the bible says, Most of it is just made up. Otherwise it would just be a leaflet

  16. Thomas Says:

    Yes I think gays should die those fucking fags do not deserve to live fuck them. I also think they should be lock up beaten to death and killed either burned or hanged. Who agrees with me?

    • Benedictus Says:

      I agree with Thomas. Disgusting defects calling themselves normal, we should literally hunt dow faggots and humiliate then for their perversion. Absolutely disgusting.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Mate, I feel that you don’t realize that YOU are the defect.
        You are clearly fucked in the head mate.
        Go join your priests in fucking little kids. I mean… That sounds clearly normal. You sick Catholics disgust me.

    • One angry homosexual Says:

      Maybe, you should learn proper grammar. Ever hear of a thing called a comma. But then, you probably come from a bible belt, hill billy state.

      • Jennifer Smith Says:

        I apologise on behalf of Christ and all true Christians for the hate expressed on this page towards your genetic nature (which you can’t do anything about unless you are born again of the Spirit of God) I apologise on behalf of all who have called themselves Christian yet expressed hate towards you. Please, forgive us.

    • Splitcell Says:

      the only defect humanity has is religion you asshole, take down religion what do you have, people who have NO IDEA how to think by themselves.

      you hate cults? religion is a cult that has brain washed people into thinking things like these, the only major difference between an actual cult and actual religion is the death pact.

      now to wait and see if I get struck by lightning or plagued by whatever your god can throw at me.

  17. Cocksucker Says:

    This post, and these comments are all proof that humanity is one big joke. You people disgust me, and you should indeed just go commit suicide for thinking such thoughts. Oh but wait, that would be a sin, right? So you wouldn’t be able to suck Jesus’s cock in fairy cloud land.

    You are mere proof that Christianity and all other major religions are BRAINWASH FACTORIES meant to control people and reduce them to Jesus loving puppets. It’s funny though, because you people obviously know nothing about the story of Jesus by wishing death upon someone.

    People tell me, as an anti-theist, that I should not care about other peoples’ beliefs and shrug their ignorance off. Yet how can I not be judgmental about someone when I find out they’re a Christian when I find a website promoting murder (Yes murder. You claim murder is when you kill an innocent. How are gay people not innocent? What are they guilty of? Living their lives to be happy? What a crime!)?

    I can’t believe I’ve just written this comment that will be ignored by all of you delusional psychopaths, yet I can only hope that one of you will one day realize what a lie you guys are basing your lives off of.

    As you would say, may God bless your soul, you’ll need it.

    • Paul Says:

      I don’t want to kill you because I’m Christian. I just want to kill you becausue you’re a despicable, feces-eating FAGGOT!!!

    • Splitcell Says:

      I feel you bro, you sound like an anti-theist that can handle themselves.

      I swear if you where here right now I would hug right now out of respect.

  18. Zach Says:

    I’m Gay and there’s nothing you can do about it. Neiner, neiner.

  19. Jack Mehoff Says:

    FUCK GOD! Your all a bunch of fucking idiots. Christianity and that little book you cunts read is pure shit. Your part of the “youngest,” religion on earth get over yourselves. I have but one question. If “God,” wrote this book then why is it sexist as fuck and has nothing in it that makes sense. In one of your cites in this post, it says “male prostitutes,” will not make it to heaven or some bull shit. What about the women? Or, was god O.K. with women sleezing around sucking off everyone for some money? What a joke. Your religion is fucking shit, have fun contributing to the reason why everyone hates America.

    • L.ronhubbard Says:

      Actually Scientology is the youngest.

    • Anonymous Says:

      ahaha, technically MY religion is the youngest and smallest too (mortemism, i founded it, i have nine followers so far) but that’s not the point. and i agree with you – if this “god” who “loves everyone equally” hates gay people, then there’s something fucking wrong with him. my religion has no god, because it’s a lie.

  20. Stevo Says:

    Crazy religion… When will you people grow out of the dark ages and realize there is no magical sky daddy who cares about you; magic does not exist; and that the great majority of the bible is self-contradictory and entirely unsupported by historical accounts and scientific evidence.

    That people believe this hokum is disheartening; that people ACT and make DECISIONS based on it is downright scary. Until religion, superstition, and the irrational concept “faith” are abolished, this world will continue to be rife with unfounded intolerance and needless war.

  21. Christians Are Stupid Says:

    Ahahahahaha. Christians, Y U NO INTELLIGENT?

    Seriously though. Murder is against God’s will is it not? It’s like, one of the 10 commandments. Y’know, Thou Shalt Not Kill?

    Hypocrisy much?

    Your religion is flawed and so are your dumb ass beliefs about said religion. I’m pretty sure if you killed someone, you’re going to burn in Hell (as your magical book says), and that it doesn’t even matter if it’s God’ Will. The bible teaches you not to Hate… and yet, what do we see most often spewing from Christians? Hate.

    I’m pretty sure none of you realize how stupid this BOOK is, that was written by a MAN. Not God. A Man. You’re brainwashed and falling for every fucking little thing.

    You’re religion is contradicting itself. It’s supposed to teach understanding, and love and all this other shit, yet here most of you sit, spewing hate.

    You’re going to burn in ‘Hell’, just like everyone else.


    • Anonymous Says:

      THANK YOU. that book was written by a HUMAN BEING. not some holier-than-thou guy up in “heaven” helping all of us. sure, some of the morals in it are good (don’t kill, don’t hate, et cetera et cetera) but KILL GAYS?! seriously. i don’t get them.

  22. Mikhail Says:

    Eejits, none of them are going to burn in hell because hell as they believe it does not even exist. When they die, the same will happen to them as happens to everyone else: they will cease to exist.

    Our minds are the products of our brains, nothing more, nothing less. To claim otherwise is to take upon oneself the burden of providing evidence for such. If some crazy decides to state that the “soul” exists and that it is a separate entity from the mind, then I ask: “Upon what evidence are you relying to make such a claim?”. The moment one can rationally demonstrate the existence of a soul AND that it is separate from the mind is the moment I will believe it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The fact that you can think about your thoughts, and feel good or bad about your own thoughts. I believe that God is experienced. I am gay, and i know that Gods plan goes infinitely in every direction with every tangent of every possibility happening simultaneously. Religion is following someone elses experience; Spirituality is having your own. Just because religion is flawed and not true, doesnt mean it is devoid of truth. I believe homosexuality is a natural biological function to keep the population in check. It is encoded in our genetics for when our population gets to dense. God is Science. Attempting to get to heaven is Hell.

    • Splitcell Says:

      as an anti-theist I still believe something exists after death just not a deity or some bullshit along the lines of heaven and hell. if I could I would tell you my reasons but I don’t want to block this page with my “idiocy” and get raged at by these so-called “Christians”

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Homosexuals have existed for a long long time, they have gay pride parades… Where is your god when they do one of those? If your god truly existed and was against homosexuality, you’d think he would have smited them by now?

    Why exactly is being gay so offensive? Are they trying to screw you in the ass? When you walk down the street, do a pack of gay men chase you down and butt fuck you?

    I’m pretty sure the bible clearly says “Do onto others as you wish to be done onto yourself.” This means that if you go out and kill gay people, then you are wishing someone would do the exact same to you.

    If you want to pick up a cause and go out killing people, do something constructive and go out and kill the convicted pedophiles. You’d then actually be doing the world a favour.

    • Anoymous Says:

      Yes they do you guys are sick and need help you are most offensive, not every body wants to be a homo … keep your gay pride and leave other people alone,,,you guys try every body, and it is sad because you don’t understand that not every body want to go to hell with you guys. stay out of the restroom picking up folk, and stop following people to their front door step, and maybe you people will not get in trouble, or injured, but you guys love this type of life style, murder and crime, if you didn’t you would stop trying to force other people in your circle of hell….Just do your thing and leave straight people alone.I find the smell of sin very distasteful… smells like hell and God indeed put that odor on you so that you could never ever get ride of …It is not a natural odor, it is the smell of sin from Hell buddy….That is your stamp,,,,,,and by the way you guys are pedophiles….why are you in the bath room picking up young boys and girls…What do you call that ?….Get Real And Get Jesus……. You can marry who ever, God Has Not Approved This Life Style….You are going to need more that the President of the United States Approval….GOD RUN THIS COUNTY….NOT OBAMA….

      • Anonymous Says:

        no not everyone wants to be gay you fucking retard!! IF GOD HATES GAY PEOPLE THEN HE’S A BASTARD!!!! you think you’re so much more holy and amazing and wonderful than us? well FUCK YOU. if your child turned out to be gay, would you kill them or disown them? just abandon them in the streets? well, yes you would, i think. because YOU are the fucking sinner here!!!! WHY DO YOU HATE ?! i usually don’t mind religion, but you conceited cunts are the ones who deserve to die. i know gay christians? but in YOUR stupid “opinion” they aren’t loved by god. well no one is, because he DOESN’T EXIST.

      • Splitcell Says:

        “keep your gay pride parades to yourself and leave people alone…” hmmm I sense something wrong with this.

        Christians : Public prayers happen yet no one objects
        Gay equivalent : Gay Pride Parades

        Christians : mostly jehovahs witnesses but still some catholics and protestants go around to peoples doors asking if they wish to talk about god
        gay equivalent : none, they stick to themselves and don’t bother you unless they think your gay and they like you (sexual attraction)

        love is love

        if you think gays are bad your just as bad

  24. Demonae Says:

    People apparently do not recognize satire anymore. Next you will all believe Jonathon Swift really wanted to eat children with his Modest Proposal.

  25. Porco Dio Says:

    We must exterminate all niggers, all handicapped people and all gay/lesbian people: this is the only way to truly ameliorate this society which is on the verge of ruin.

  26. A bisexual girl of whom you call a "sinner" Says:

    Ahhhh, how amusing. To think that you’d commit a massacre to a load of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people just because the bible “tells” you to?

    I’m an ex-Christian and after realising how much the Bible is bad against women, homosexuals and people who aren’t Christian, it made me stop and made me think: “Why would I want to worship somebody who tells you to commit crimes against people who don’t deserve it?”.

    Leave homosexuals alone. You have no evidence to back up that we’re bad, you say that your God has told you to. Did you actually speak to him and did he actually tell you this?

    You’ve all been mind washed.

    • Jennifer Smith Says:

      This is not what God would want for anybody, let alone homosexuals. The writer of this page is inspired by his sinful nature and probably by the devil himself to write hate such as this. I have a personal relationship with God himself by the Holy Spirit and I must confirm this is not the nature of God at all. Even Jesus said himself ‘the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy’ (which is what this page is preaching.) This man is obviously a false prophet. I apologise on behalf of true christianity

      • Stephen Lee Says:

        well then maybe Christians should kill all unbelievers, including Hindus that is your reasoning is it not? you are a sick bastard and I hope some one kills you.

  27. loveislove Says:

    If being gay is a sin, then so is JUDGING another person. God is the only Judge, he is the only one who CAN judge. If that’s the case then you’re going to hell as much as I am because I am a lesbian. I love god, and I’m gay. Now how is that working, I should go to hell for loving another person, god said love other people as you love yourself. Along with thou shalt not kill. Are you stupid or something, you OBVIOUSLY “know” the bible enough to interpret the verses into your OWN meanings. You’re hateful, and if I’m going to hell, shoot, I’ll pull up a chair by the fiery furnice and see you there!

    • Anonymous Says:

      well it’s nice to know SOME christians believe that being gay is okay. i really don’t get why people see it as any different, really! some day soon (unless some stupid extremist starts a war on us) we will be able to live like everyone else; we might not even have to do the whole “coming out” thing. it would be normal.

  28. John boyle Says:

    I wish i could move all the gays onto an island and kill them all, them did mass graves in the island and bury them wait fuck that, they dont deserve a burial, burn the bodies! The freaks have way too much power and should be killed off from the rest of the world, i hate every single one of the cock sucking, AID’s spreading bastard. Fuck gay rights, fuck elton john, fuck gay pride, murder them all!!!!!

    • loveislove Says:

      What the hell? If you’re a true christian you wouldn’t even think about hurting other people. You’re supposed to love everyone as you love yourself, though shalt not kill. The only person who can judge is god. That is pure sick, if you don’t like them, then don’t talk about them. If you don’t want one near you, then don’t associate yourself with “our” kind. I hope one of your family members turn out gay, would you want to kill them too? What id your mother all of a sudden turned gay? or your father? Or aunt or uncle? Would you also want to murder them? Your a sick person, you disgust me, you are so full of hate like everyone else on this page. You’re not supposed to hate or judge another person. God is love. God loves everyone no matter or they are or what they do. If you hate us so much then why are you complaining, if you don’t want us around then stop talking about us. Plain and simple.

    • Anonymous Says:

      hypocrite of the century, you are.
      oh and you can get aids through straight sex, motherfucker.

  29. Chris Says:

    You do realize how psychotic you sound. Ending a bunch of lives for what reason?
    1) the world is over populated so will it hurt to have less people getting pregnant left and right?
    2) LGBTQ people have proved to be much more accepting and display a much more positive set of morals than anything I just read right now.
    3) correct me if I’m wrong but any sort of negative conspiracy is a sin and against the law
    4) if you think ending a persons life is right then you need major help

  30. Tom Says:

    Do they make swiss army Bibles? Hail JeZeus!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Haters are going to hate, I look at bible thumbers this way, they are like giving medicine to the dead…….BTW Jews are not Gods chosen people…….and JC rocks……Fools!!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    i think they should be sent to straight camp and if they fail execute them

  33. Anonymous Says:

    all the haters on here are prob ugly virgins with small dicks lol

  34. Anonymous Says:

    …Even if i was straight i can get 10x more pussy than you motherfuckers GAY PRIDE <3

  35. me Says:

    Those gays are a bunch of gays

  36. Anonymous Says:

    leave them alone their people too fuck man what d hell

  37. Mike Says:

    look up the sixth commandment, this should answer any question about killing gay people. If God sees fit to condemn them then thats his business and none of ours.

    * Man wrote the Scripture, and man is flawed, so what does that say about the Scripture?

  38. Person who has common sense Says:

    No you shouldn’t freaking kill gay people what the hell kind of question is that are you dumb? this is not some big question its a no brainer you idiot no you don’t kill people for being what they are for fuck sakes would you like me to explain why you can’t kill your mail man for trespassing too?

  39. Damian Says:

    You know what’s funny? Atheists they know more about the bible than us Christians andcatholics

    • Person who has common sense Says Says:

      This blog is filled with crazy people your all crazy! this isn’t a tough question to conquer you morons this is hmm.. do I kill someone for not following my beliefs no of course you don’t you freaking idiot if the bible says kill gay people then the bible is a worthless piece of shit and every copy should be burned for the betterment of society and if anything the bible contains no answers at all and just creates hate stop acting like killing gay people is some super tough question you can’t figure out honestly if you can’t figure out no I don’t kill people just because a very old book says to then you sir or madam do not deserve the air you breath and your not worth the shit in your toilet if god himself said go kill your gay neighbor I’d tell him to go fuck himself

  40. Criticising Religion – Why Not Let Them Be? « unfebuckinglievable Says:

    [...] the christian holy book says gays should be stoned to death; some people will go ahead and do it as their faith in the sanctity of their holy book means they [...]

  41. Paul Says:

    Execute them. Put a pistol at their forehead, between their eyes, and pull the trigger and blow their brains out.. They have FAR too much political the USA — in BOTH parties — and in the media. They are literally destroying the country, the military, the colleges, marriage and every other institution. Execute them or gas them. Bury them in mass quicklime graves.

    • Anonymous Says:

      in what fucking way are we ruining the country? we probably prevent more idiots like you being born. except, if a kid had gay parents, then they would be accepting and a GOOD PERSON, not like you with your shitty “opinion”. i’m all for people saying what they think but you? you’re just wrong.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Let me get this straight – I’m not. Also, I don’t hate religion, I just hate extremist Christians who think that being gay is a sin. You’re saying you want to kill us, huh? Well, HYPOCRITE OF THE CENTURY over here! “Thou shalt not kill” ring any bells, idiots? In my religion, everyone is accepted, unless they do not accept others. In this situation, YOU are the ones who deserve to die; please do us a favour and never talk to anyone with common sense again. Hell doesn’t exist, but if it did, you’d all be burning in it. Apart from all your accepting, non-judgmental people out there. For god’s sake, I’m sick of you fucking homophobes!

  43. Person who has common sense Says Says:

    welcome to the dark side of freedom of speech everyone who is sane an reading this the dark side of it being that religious people get to have it I can honestly say that in these comments is where I have seen some of the stupidest fucking people ever no joke these people on here are some of the dumbest motherfuckers I have ever seen and i have already seen some really dumb people this comment board creates a whole new level of dumbass essentially all these people fell out of the stupid tree hit every branch on the way down then climbed back up the tree and fell again

  44. Anonymous Says:

    You shouldnt kill gay people, but you should beat up the gay men that walk around all flamboyant and feminine like, with gay accents and shit. Nobody talks and acts like that normally unless your a big fucken FAGGOT POSER!!!!

  45. Anonymous Says:

    yes kill all the gay faggots. they think its fine to hang around the male toilets. they all need to go to straight camp then speech f
    pheropy. after that they should be shoved in a concertration camp nd murdered one by one in the electric chair… no wait they should be made to walk over hot coals barefooted(after we have removed all the fucking nail varnish and god( ime not religeous) knows what else) then starve them and stab them. we could have a open day were you can play carnival games but instead of dunk tank you pay to stab them in stead then after that if there are any left then give them the electric chair. then hopefully the world will be a better place for us all.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    yeh noticed that shut you all up didnt it mother fuckers

  47. Anonymous Says:

    if god dosent exist, then why are ther churches and the bible. morons

  48. GodHatesFags Says:

    Listen up, everyone I have something to tell you all. Your All Just A Bunch of Liberal FAGGOTS!!! And should burn in Hell, like the rest of them. Of course we should all Kill those disgusting unwanted people. There “God’s Mistake” and a “Disgrace to Mankind.” They Die of AIDS Everyday and deserve to. There so “Filthy and Disgusting” that God Cursed them from the moment they were born. And on a personal Note, I would glady love to “Shoot or Kill” anyone whose Gay. Because personally I need the pratice anyway. Oh and lastly whoever this “Anonymous” Loser is. Get yourself a Life, you Liberal Idiot. Defending those “freaks” isn’t going to get you into Heaven any faster. Thank God, someone with some common sense and decency, preached the Real Truth to all you Hypocrites. Read the Bible the way your supposed. And may all Homosexuals Die a slow AIDS Full agonizing Death. Amen

  49. Gay Christian Says:

    Reading the comments above really does make me sick…

    First, I really don’t know why anyone, of whatever religion, would want to kill someone else – just because they are a minority. I believe that everyone belongs to a minority of some sort and if you as a Christian (and I am a Christian too) believe gay men and women should be “killed,” then you’re not a Christian, not worthy of God, and definitely not human – but a fucked up BASTARD who deserves no less than being locked in some mental asylum.

    Perhaps, you may as well post something here about how every adultress should be stoned (after all it’s in the same book you qoute). Actually that reminds me of something, considering how you decided to ignore the story of the adultress in “John” you clearly think you’re not a sinner and therefore you think you’re God. If that is the case, make it clear in your next article so that we can begin building you shrines and offering you a bit more respect.

    You’re not human, and anyone who agrees with you has no place in modern society. You belong in some sad zoo. Wait a minute! Put him in with the giraffes – the giraffes love some gay sex!

    • Anonymous Says:


      • anonymous Says:

        We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us…. and we are gay so hmmmm fuck of dick weed.

  50. John Says:

    We must kill all the fucking homos immediately. This website has convinced me. Join me in my mission and strangle a shirt lifter tomorrow. Soon, they will be extinct!

  51. Anonymous Says:


  52. Anonymous Says:

    I think the vast majority of Christians forget that our main goal is to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and teach people what’s “really” in the bible – Continuing his earthly ministry until his return. You know, like he told us to?
    I’ve done my fair share of studying the bible, and I can’t recall Jesus telling his disciples to go forth, protest against homosexuals, and kill them if need be. The very thought is disgusting and completely unacceptable. We all sin on a daily basis, straight people included. It’s not up to us to reason on who lives and who dies.
    Teach the bible to people who are willing to learn.
    It is not the duty of a Christian to preserve the moral condition of this world.

    2 Timothy 3:1-3
    New International Version (NIV)
    3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power.

    What we see happening nowadays is simply a sign of the last days we are living in. Our goal is not to battle against homosexuals, murderers, or any human. A True Christians goal is to accomplish the preaching work Jesus started.

    (Matthew 28:19, 20) Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And, look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.”

    “True” Christians have the hope of a New system of Things under the rule of Gods Kingdom… soon to come. :).

  53. hassenfeffer Says:

    Their are texts in the bible that support killing and these are after the Ten Commandments. If I recall the Israelites killed not only in battle but innocent women and children as well so that their would be no seed left of the wicked. Jesus preached forgive but that doesn’t mean we can’t carry out punishment as man sees fit for the wicked. In the afterlife they will receive Gods eternal punishment-eternity in hell.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    All have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). 8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. 9 In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him (1John 4:8,9). Here is the shocker, if you are christian you do not speak the truth in love like you heavenly father, then “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it”(John 8: 44, 45). A christian should never hate a sinner be cause he is one. However, the bible says we should hate sin and the author of all sin(the devil). Christ loves sinner but hate sin and the boundage of sin. If God ask you to do anything he gives you the power to accomplish it. God does not employ hateful comments to convert the soul. Homosexual lifestyle is a sin and so is hateful comments that prevents someone from hearing the gospel of Christ, which says love your neighbor as thine self. When Adam and Eve sinned God suspended judgement because he loved them. They were suppose to die immediately by he provided a way to bring them back into God’s family. We Christian are to show such understanding and love and not hateful comment such as killing homosexual individuals and the like. Such a comment makes you a wolf in sheep clothing. Enough is said for the wise.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    I got a genius idea. How about this, instead of killing the gays, lesbians, bi’s, tg’s, ect… We first try to convince them to be straight. You know, PORN!!! GLORIOUS PORN!!!!!! (But that is after we have ran out of ideas) But if nothing (even the porn) doesnt work then well… BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!!! ALL HAIL KHORNE!!!!!

  56. GAY RIGHTS!!! Says:

    You guys are so mean! If anyone should die it should be you!

  57. Super Epic Straight Guy Says:

    Well, besides the Blood for the Blood god option (I also love WH40K) we must think of something. Yes, while killing the homo’s is wrong we must also think of the morality of it. If we were to kill each other because of our beliefs then wouldn’t we all be martyrs? and dont martyrs get a 1-way-all-expenses-paid ticket to Heaven? But then again we are MURDERING each other and that is wrong to… A MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH simpler idea would be to just convert the homo’s (but dont use porn, it could make things worse and is against the word of god to. Thank You for listening to my wise words. But seriously!! Being homo is not normal what-so-ever!!!! Just stop!! Cause (for guys) why would u rather have a another penis when you could have BOOBIES!!!! BOOBIES!!!! BOOBIES!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      I would rather have another penis for the same reason you would rather have boobies. Also; homosexuality is far more common than heterosexism (hate and prejudice towards gay people). Homosexuality has been observed in 280 species, heterosexism and homophobia has only been observed in 1. Btw, it’s not my choice to be gay, even though I understand why you think it is. But that’s just an example of how amazingly deluding our minds are.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Have you ever thought about that if you were wrong about your religion, and have been full of hate towards gay people, all your hate would have been in vain, and you would be the evil person.
    If you are a believer, and don’t know for sure, but believe anyway (Such as you are supposed to do according to the Bible); then you would realize that what you’re doing is gambling with possibly innocent people’s lives, much like you think the “devil” is doing (Which he really isn’t; he has only two kills and they were both orders from Yahweh, but that’s another story).

    I’m an atheist, btw; so I believe none of your bullcrap. There’s absolutely no evidence to back up what you’re saying.

    In before some retard says I’m gonna burn in hell: Telling an atheist he’s going to burn in hell, is like telling you that Santa is gonna come and rape you. (I have actually once been told that Santa is going to rape me, btw.)

  59. Anonymous Says:

    All gay people should be strapped to a fence with a broom handle shoved up thtere ass. Faggots die.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You would like to see that wouldn’t you, yes it would probably make you very happy in the pants.

  60. Guy Man Says:

    Ah, satire. A truly wonderful art form.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    This thread is, by far, the most concentrated area where ANYONE hating on the ENTIRE LGBTQ community is. As I read some of these comments, I had a dire urge to find each and everyone of you haters and strangle you and kick you and throw you against a wall until your motherfucking brains flew out of your head

    Of course, this would be RUDE, IMMORAL, INHUMANE, and a VERY DRAMATIC APPROACH TO SOMETHING THAT IS A MATTER OF OPINION. You people must be insane for wanting to kill anyone at all for such a stupid reason.

    1. Being gay is not a choice. Trust me, coming from a bisexual who lives in a motherfucking white, Republican, Christian town, I wouldn’t CHOOSE to be this way.

    2. Being gay is who people are- shut the fuck up, stop trying to change people. This form of prejudice and hatred is EQUALLY horrible and misguided as racism.

    3. Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

    Apologies for my strongly worded rant/threat/whatever, but this all annoys the hell out of me. I don’t mind if you don’t support/like gay marriage or gay behavior or that sort- don’t threaten people, keep your goddamn opinion to yourself, it’s NONE of your business what other people do with their lives, sex lives, the way the act in public so long as it does not harm you or the people you care about.

    Kudos to anyone on here backing me up. Best regards.

  62. N/A Says:

    I don’t like bullshitting, wasting time, sugar-coating, etc. I’m going to say what I believe. Agree with me, don’t agree with me. It doesn’t matter. Every single person who commented on this page has exercised their right to freedom of speech. I won’t say which sexual orientation I reside with, what my political standpoints are, etc. I will only give a neutral view that any side can relate to where they see necessary or appropriate. If you don’t like reading much, skip this comment. If you have a serious response, comment. If you’re just a one-sided fuck-around looking for a meaningless argument, fuck off.

    Homosexuals are homosexuals. Straights are straights. Each side is their own kind. Each side has argued for thousands of years their dominance over the other, declaring how each side is better than the other. A basic competition. Humans are competitive by nature, plain and simple.

    Which sexual orientation is right/wrong you ask? Just make it easy on yourself; don’t ask, don’t tell. Just live how you live, and mind your own business. You won’t hate if you don’t know. If you do, however, want to proudly show off what you blieve in, be wary of these results:

    Homosexuals declaring their gay pride in people’s faces will obviously result in negative responses. Homosexuals make themselves a target in the eyes of most straight people. The flashy parades, the television shows, the media, etc. are a little too in-your-face towards straights, thus pissing most of them off, sometimes to the point of murder, harrassment, etc. Don’t expect to be pridefully open about being homosexual without a little push-and-shove, vice-versa with straights. It’s innevitable. I’m not insulting any sexual orientation, I’m stating obvious facts. If you express homosexuality, straights will respond.

    Straights declaring to murder homosexuals, dominance in sexual orientation, extreme prejudice, or beating them will result in making themselves a target in the eyes of homosexuals as stated earlier vice-versa. Being straight has been the only way of life in certain people’s minds. This mindset is their mindset. Homosexual mindsets are homosexual mindsets. Each side attempts to convince the opposing side of their mindsets, sometimes succeeding but mostly failing. If you’re straight and show extreme prejudice towards homosexuals, you’ll get a negative response. Threatning to kill them will result in return fire, threatning to kill straights. There will always be conflict, it’s innevitable.

    As with constant competition, the war rages on, neither side seeming to take complete control. It’s a never-ending battle. No side can completely exterminate the other since there will always be those who hide in the shadows, never exposing who they truly are or what they truly believe is right. As for religion, believe what you believe. Simple. Competing always aspires to vacate a winner. With competitions of religion or sexual orientation, a possible winner is unknown. There might be a winner, there might not. In the meantime, live life, go to work, associate with those you care about, survive, keep whatever or whoever you consider family close, and simply carry on. Everybody carries some form of humanity. Don’t piss it away. What do I mean? That’s for you to decide. I’m not your mentor. I’m just speaking on behalf of anyone reading this. Life is short. Just make the most of it.

  63. Anonnymous Says:

    I had a gay friend who committed suicide because of people like the author of this website. He came from a heavily religious background and when his parents found out he just couldn’t take it any more. He was the nicest person I knew.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    Why do you hate on homosexuals? You people make me sick, you’ll protest against gay marriage but then meanwhile in your place of worship the priest is fucking a small boy behind the altar! You have a strange idea on what’s acceptable and unacceptable.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Those who dislike homosexuals, and or want to kill them click the link below. I think you will feel right at home here:

  66. dfd Says:

    To be honest, I truly do want to kill gays. But the bad thing is I can’t, or else I would go to prison on a life sentence. I think maybe one day, God will kill Gay people, because he said we should.

  67. Richard Says:

    Really encouraging, thank you :)

  68. andrew britton Says:

    OK I will call it seeing as noone else has. One of the more elaborate trolls i have seen.

  69. Justin Says:

    Honestly, as a heterosexual man myself, I find this article retarded as well as the people that support it. I partly hope that your children turn out gay so that you grow up. The other part just really wishes that non of you will have kids, to save children from ignorance.

  70. Roland Says:

    What a strange bunch of people. God doesn’t hate gay people any more than he hates anyone else. Some Romans 2000 years ago may have, but they hated a lot of things. If we hate gay people or anyone else, then cowboy up and quit blaming God for that. And for your safety, avoid me in public.

  71. Bob Says:

    Lol this guy must be kidding. Have you even read levictus? It is full of crap!

  72. San Diego Says:

    this site is really sad what the world needs is love everyone is being watch by God and how they act out through love whether you love a woman man or whatever choices you make it all begins with love and forgiveness . There are some situations and somethings in life you will not understand but you need to learn how love your neighbors. You don’t have to be with another man if that’s not your choice you don’t have to be with another woman if that’s not your choice , you don’t have to be with anyone although you get brainwashed with hate , it can start with your beliefs dating back to up as a child. in this life we need to learn how to love one another not that we have to be with one another but just understand that we all have differences . Everyone has something that they do that God may not be pleased with. For the people who hate who ever…I pray that God deal with your heart . The person you want dead may be the one saving your life one day and you never knew their sexual preference …those things are private any way…the world would be much better if people could learn to mind their own business …

    • San Diego Says:

      No one deserves to die because of their sexual preference …if someone did make a bad choice in life, they should be forgiven and allowed a 2nd chance…no one is perfect . If it doesn’t effect your bedroom , why make it your concern …religion can be taken to extreme at times…my sister was seduced and fondled by the same the same chuch Paster who was praying for me not to be gay…how strange …there are lots of secrets we don’t know about the people we trust and respect…that was devastating to know, but I realized he is a a human, was it right?no! And he was married…did our family forgive him ? Yes…we changed churches and I realized it could happen any where. People do error…let’s not be so foolish that we stone one another . Satan loves all the bickering and confusion this blog offers…be curtious…I’m gay, used to be bi sexual,….didn’t want to lie or hurt women being with them, knowing I desired to be with a man..I have 7 sisters and I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to them or anyone…my family knows and my patents accept me…I don’t go waving a gay flag Niether..we have respect for one another….my parents are Christian and I still love god ….when its all said and done he is going to judge everyone…so try to get along with each other ….there’s much more to life than trying kill people because they don’t desire the same sex as you do …find your soul mate and be happy with yourself and live your life . I forgive all of u who feel gay people should die…I know it hurts dealing with your views …try to move your negative thoughts in a positive direction…god is love and represents peace…

      • San Diego Says:

        By the way…. I have great relationships with my brother n laws….they acted strange at first when the found their wife had a gay brother …we talked about my life and all the things that happened it was uncomfortable to share some things with them, as men and family we moved forward they understand my world much better now that they no me …the world can over come it….at one point I had to raise my sisters 3 children for her who are straight … They came out fine, they know about me and love me…my niece is 30, married and had 8 children…my niece named one of her sons after me , who is now 8 years old… I spoil my nephew as if he were my son ….I have great relationships with my 40 + Nieces and nephews …my dad once shared a story with me that he knew a gay person when he was young, didn’t say it to him…but he knew …this person once blessed him with a suit and shoes during a time his parents were struggling…you never know who God can assign to be your angel to be a blessing in your life…we all have the power to love, hate, be kind or evil…I chose regardless of my sexual preference to love and be kind…do I get mad at times I perfect no…life is a journey and I’m striving to leave more positive everyday

  73. San Diego Says:

    Well, I say…”The Bible is VERY CLEAR…“Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. For with the judgment you make you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.”- Matthew 7:1-2

    • San Diego Says:

      Imagine someone wanting to kill u for your mistakes , race or what ever…running a stop light…it’s just not right to wish people dead because we have differences we may not fully understand …only god knows why..he is the father of all man kind..he loves all the people of the world …Satan loves the hate on this site…seeking revenge ..seeking a reason to murder for the sake of u misunderstanding…this site is like the kkk site …only wanting people who be leave in one point of view… White power…the world is for everyone ….please stop fighting one another….

  74. abra Says:

    Gays are parasites

  75. anonymous Says:

    so are you abra

  76. Anonymous Says:

    I am christian and i really really really hate gays but i don’t think they should be put to death they should be rehabilitated

  77. Anonymous Says:

    What happened to “Love thy neighbour”? I think that Gods teachings to love your enemies and everyone contradicts “homosexual sinners”, also, human life is much more complex than it was 2000 years ago, and plenty of people sin regularly. Also I think that if they are not a Christian or any other religious person, then you cannot force laws onto that person.

  78. Rusty Yates Says:

    Here is your moral god – a complete psychopath.

    Numbers 31:17 KJV
    King James Version
    Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.

    Following a genocidal god or a savior that would torture just one person is a sin.

  79. Ash Says:

    Well this is a moot point. What are you gonna do? Kill Homosexuals? No no let me rephrase. Kill gays? Isnt it a lil funny how bible conveniently doesnt say anything about Lesbians..

    Well lets think on that, The bible is said to be written 2000 yrs ago and women were not outspoken or had any freedom today’s women have so the god in all his wisdom when put up a command to kill all gays had no idea one day women will have the same freedom as a man. Ah!!! But God is Omniscient! He knows everything… well then it must mean to god its okay for boobs to press together its just the sacred dick must not go into anyother hole other than a pussy!!!!

    Ehm… makes perfect sense…

  80. Dax Hurley Says:

    Man, this is some brilliant satire right here, wait… is it satire? Damn it Poe’s Law!

  81. Anonymous Says:

    I agree all gays should be killed. Its unnatural, abnormal and immoral. Go ahead kill ‘em!

  82. Anonymous Says:

    I intend to go to Heaven. Therefore I could not possible be gay cuz being gay would rightly condemn me to hell.

  83. Anonymous Says:

    Please go and kill gays. the world would be a better place without them. The sooner homosexuality is eradicated from the Earth the better the place will be

    • A guy Says:

      Man I just wish every body was like you and me, I hope the gays die, all of them.

    • Raia. Says:

      Why? These comments make me miserable… why? Why do you hate us so much? What did we do to you? Why did I get beaten by those boys and raped because I was a ‘freakish lesbian’ and I was to be ‘taught a lesson’? If this is what your god taught you, I’m sorry. /**I’m spawn. I’m terrible.//

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Gays are abusers…I’ve met many in my time and they were all abusers…100% of them…not one wasn’t an abuser. And make no mistake there are many who are child molesters and animal abusers. Sick fucks.

  85. Stephen Lee Says:

    No we aren’t however alot of comments on this blog are abusive. I have reported it. I am not going to stand by while murder is insighted.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Actually I do everytime I see straight people makeing out in the streets. Holding hands and kissing in public. So, yeah YOU do flaunt your sexuality every chance you get. You can’t tell me not to bemyself. I just want to have the same freedoms every one else does. STOP BEING SUCH AN ASS.

  86. Anonymous Says:

    White noise, every word of blatant want and selfish anger desires are simply white noise. Entirely to annoying and it’s not as sad as you may think. It’s the way of the world I think it always has been. I believe kindness, love, appreciation and care are essential in life, it’s more worth living if you know there’s atleast one person who has kindness not for yourself but for others. Because those who jump off there high horse and look around find possibly the best understanding of what it is like to fall, only then I hope is when myself can truly become
    Happy and appreciate everything I have I may have to kil someday but not for this. If gays be condemned then why are any of you worried about killing and possibly sacrificeing your chance into heaven? If you truly believe then you should know kindness and show kindness do not judge it’s not our place to, it makes life stale and miserable if you tack on the burden of judgement If you have true faith you must understand and accept that regardless god will always have a plan and you need not worry yourself with things that you can not fully control but also understand to keep yourself intact and not be enveloped too much by god, or religion or anything for that matter. We must understand common place and logic but combine it with love, hope and understanding. ( I apologize for any grammer errors or misuse of words it’s late I was bored just had some random thoughts )

  87. Anonymous Says:

    When you read the whole blog this is clearly a satire. But it does bring out some very disturbing comments whose authors belong in the asylum.

  88. A guy Says:

    I swear I will kill every last gay on earth and I will sacrifice almost anything for them to all die, I will enjoy killing every last one of those creppy, gay, motherfucking assholes, I will tear the skin FROM THEIR FUCKING FLESH AND DECAPATATE THEM ALL.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve read comments on here and i’ve never EVER seen such pathetic replies… If you base your whole life on a fucking book, you definately need help. Homosexuals are not what’s wrong with this world, people who don’t accept them (based on a fucking retarded book, let’s be honest here), are what’s wrong and never, NEVER, would I say “Let’s kill every fucking closed-minded people that hate gays!” because i’m human unlike 90% of the people in here.
    Kinda funny to see people thinking homosexuality is a sin when they want them to get killed which is a bigger sin… I guess those people should get killed and not homosexuals for committing an even bigger sin. Seriously, people still basing their whole fucking life on the bible… DAMN get a life people! You’ll get older and realise that you wasted your whole life being a coward and had to follow a book because you were too afraid to face the reality. Homosexuals are just like you guys and based on your thoughts, we should exterminate the whole world then…?… Wow… I just can’t believe some (retarded) people still don’t accept gays. Closed-minded people are what’s wrong with this world. Agree or not, I know it’s true and God (if there’s even one and by the way, he didn’t write that fucking book…) knows about it too and is sad to see bullies acting the way they are today (that’s you gay haters). Haters are a disgrace for humanity and you should be totally ashamed of it.


    • Stephen Lee Says:

      I agree totally, I am so tired of the Nazis on this board. They honestly think murder is ok. That is not what a Christian should be condoning. So, I believe every one here who wishes to murder a fellow human being is not a Christian but one who serves the enemy….And yes, I am Gay and Christian. and their isn’t a damned thing you bigots can do about it I love my Lord, and you are my enemy but because Jesus said so I will not wish evil on you instead I will pray for you and your salvation. Why because that is what a true follower of Christ does.

    • Stephen Lee Says:

      Oh and their is a thing called an IP adress each person on this site who keeps saying they are going to kill some one can and will be traced. I hope you enjoy prison. because what you are saying are HATE CRIMES! Say it with me now, PRISON…Dumb Shits!

      • Dave Says:

        Have you heard of dynamic IP addresses, Stephen? Sounds like you’re the dumb shit, you AIDS-riddled queer

      • Stephen Lee Says:

        Actually i don’t have AIDS. Not every one who is LGBT has Aids, or HIV you are the DUMB SHIT! and I really don’t give a flying fuck what you say maybe we should kill straight people who are stupid so they don’t breed….And fuck up the gene pool anymore…Hmm by your reasoning we should build concentration camps for people like you. Shut the fuck up you filthy inbred basterd.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You don’t dare call the bible a retarded book. IT IS A FUCKING BIBLE!! People like you are going to hell to pay for your stubbornness. And it’s ok to kill gay people because it’s protecting the world from such HORRIBLE DISGUSTING THINGS. I hope they all die.

  90. IshwaarHatesFags Says:

    I am a hindu and I agree that homos should be put to death.

  91. Jimmy Says:

    The arsonist loves fire.they were born this way.
    But they MUST not burn all things and have control over ther desire.

    3-6% Abomination of life.
    The painful scar of realizing your gay as you come of knowing age (around 12) will carry deep in your mind for ever.

    It might not hurt at first, but time is against you,.It will catch you and eat you up inside.It’s like a direct shot to your sternum.An ongoing War within you as you deal with the rest of the 96%

    How long can you last?
    Brainwashed into believing you own lies,Telling yourself over and over It’s O.K. YOU lie to yourself when you know deep within somethings not right.

    Make it quick.Allow youself to end.End your torment You don’t need this pain .People will understand and you will finally be at REST.

  92. Cal Says:

    At first I was like “Fuck this guy”, but then I was like “lol”.

  93. Anonymous Says:

    I hate fags

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Love not hate.

  95. Atheist Noneya Says:

    Ok if you say to kill the gays then I say to kill all Christians. lmao I say fucking crucify all them christians bitch’s

    Sincerly: Atheist Noneya
    Check me out on, youtube name Atheist Noneya.

  96. Jimmy Says:

    Yeah, we already know (by we I mean us Christians)that you gays HATE us and hate God. It’s no secret.

    It just doesn’t hurt, what a gay person thinks about us. they are lower, weak minded, They get uptight over every little thing,Take everything to heart. VERY unstable.

    A lot of people get bullyed in school. But it seems gays have a much harder time as to how to dealing with it. (for the record I am against bullying)

    It would be much easier if you kept it to yourself.

  97. Stay Amazing Says:


  98. Jimmy Says:

    Yeah, I love my dog, I’ii leave it at that.

    (You can leave your own SICK comment to that statement if you feel the need to do so)

  99. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. This comment section is full of trolls. The author of this article sounds like he’s just trolling. If someone posts a hate comment, thats probably a troll. Don’t feed the trolls. Oh, and btw, this comment section is more awesome than fighting fanboys.

  100. Jimmy Says:

    i If I agree with Gay rights I’m socially correct. If I disagree I’m a gay basher, Troll, Hatefull.

    I took A look at some protest videos and saw the gay bullying against people with opposing views.–

    18 year old preacher Assaulted–TheWay1711

    LosAngeles LDS Mormon Temple-Gay protest Vintageyellow71

    So this is how it goes.– listen to you- do as you tell me- If my opposition to the gay life style, my view is all wrong.

    So, I can have opposition as long as it’s in agreement with the liberal Gay agenda. Socialism at it’s finest. Wecome to the new dictatorship of America.

  101. Caleb Vogel Says:

    YES! YES! YES! You should kill gay people!

    A gay person IS a faggot. And as a FAGGOT the person should die.

    Kill faggots!!!

  102. Rosanna Says:

    Aw, man. Hey, fuckers! Do you know what? FUCK you. When me being gay affects you hate me all you want. But it’s no fucking concern of yours, understood? Why do you care? It doesn’t fucking involve you, so keep your religous, righteous nose out of it. Oh, and when I’m burning in hell, I’ll say hello. Does your god say it’s okay to kill people? Do you know what, I’m going to go on a fucking rampage and kill all fucking heterosexuals, because you are disgusting to me. So go fuck yourselves- Oh, no wait, that’s what gays do. And if you want to talk to me about it, send me an email at

    Have a nice day.

  103. jimmy Says:

    Today the founder of the westboro baptist church, Fred Phelps Sr has past today. RIP Many people did not agree with all his ideas(including me) But the churches stance on GAYS was well known, and like it or not most of the human race is in agreement with this stance.

    The group still works hard to spread this message on the fact that Homosexuality is the product of a sick mind.

    What the church needs to realize is that these people (GAYS) need help, our help, and they need to stop targeting the wrong people are military.

    Homosexuals are our brothers, sister, friends and like any other sick person (with the flu) we need to help them. Through therapy prayer and dedication they can get better.

    This sickness is cunning. Like alcholism, they have to WANT to get better and it is very hard to put down the bottle when you depend on the feeling.

    Once they are free from this vile,morbid,disgusting sickness of the mind,. the homosexual wil be a much happier person ready to join society.

    • Anonymous Says:

      IT IS THE MOST MORBID DISGUSTING SICKNESS EVER. How could you even say they are our brothers or sisters? THEY NEED TO GO TO HELL NOW. I ain’t sharing Heaven with faggots!! I’m going to kill all gays for the sake of God and sanctify the world. Anybody who won’t needs to step up! I’m not afraid to fulfill God’s purpose for me

  104. Anonymous Says:

    There is NOTHING innocent about homosexuals. I can’t even say it it’s so disgusting. THEY SHOULD ALL DIE AND GO TO HELL. One day I am going to kill all homosexuals. Salvation Army is right. THEY DESERVE TO DIE!!!

  105. Arma Says:

    You shouldn’t be getting directions by anything but your own conscionce. A lot of stuff tries to use people, to keep them safe and keep their hands clean. I think all homosexuals were wronged, mostly by media, education, religion, the same thing in my mind. They were wronged by those that were wronged. They pass on wrong. I was fairly lucky not to have been raped as a kid, if I was i’d like to think that worthless sack of cop shit would be dead. The right thig to do is get students out to some farm and get them to work hard. Learn how to support themselves without sucking the life out of good people. The fitess would fix them. But if a reporter comes around to take photos of fucking anything or write down a single word time allocated to fixing that german mother fucking turk is not in supply. A mince machine is that catholic cowards future. Yes I think everyone should gun down priests. But that is just me passing the buck. Women on the other hand are meant to be the naive sensitive beauties they all are underneath, it isn’t their job to look after themselves, not their fault for doing anything wrong, if there is no time to save them in some confrontation then yo need to fuck off or make time.

    I hope this introspect has helped you gutless americans. Guns for everyone and you still rather live under thumb.

    The go is to build something good, then defend it, not pretend everything is good. Homos are just people who pretend wrong is right, how they deal with not being god of the world after being victimised.

    People, even fucking kids are being shocked by shrinks right now. If you turn to look in the bible about how that is ok you’ve got no soul. That needs to be stopped and i’ll probably die in stopping it. They’re not going to feel free in a world that thinks the ideal for a human being is a submissive student.

    Get your shit together and lead by example, fear is mindless. Get to know some poofs and find the good in them, build upon it, hel it grow. Just don’t let the unifom wearing gang rapist cocksuckers they are near your kids.

    Ad if you’re going to kill some scum, train, do a good job of it and do it alone. Going against gangsterism as a gang has a chance for victory, you’ll live, but you soul, your cause and those you need to save die.

    Don’t kid yourself about being heroes in a crowd of like minded people. You go to hell for doing the right thing, if you’re going to be the good guy then all the way is the only standard to aim for. There’s a lot to live for, so if you’ve got nothing to lose get out there and live a little life, find some stuff that was meant for you. Be decent. Test yourself and be tested. If you’ve still got heart then you might have the wisdom in your scars to show the bastards a better way. Don’t assume they know.

    Those worse than you are disadvantaged. They didn’t have you life of your soul. Takes real balls to pull them out of the pit, the momentum is sure to throw you there.

  106. Anonymous Says:


  107. Anonymous Says:

    All gays should not only be killed, but should suffer excruciating pain before death. We need to start killing without mercy or discretion. Follow Russia’s example for handling gays.

  108. gomphosis Says:

    If it’s supported by the bible, chances are it’s inaccurate, unethical and barbaric. Deriving morals from archaic mythology is stupid and irresponsible in the 21st century. You should know better considering that you can utilize an internet connection.

  109. Arma Says:

    Real men suffer so that women have it better. Women are naturally better at being sensitive and that is to be nurtured if the world is to be made more beautiful.

    I’ve got gay friends of both genders, i’ve avoider their sexcapades thank fuck but the gayest shit I have ever seen was a porno where the poofter cameraman was delighting in trying to degrade the girl. If I holiday in Miami I will kill him, find out who else is like him and so on untill there are no obvious targets. I know Marines and soldiers in the American Army, they are better than this, they would kill someone for much less, maybe they have been.

    Men aren’t meant to be dominant of women, just hard and good. We make sure them being however they wish to be isn’t impeded. We have been lazy and society now sees pimps and police as powerful.

    Religion in any form is about the shit, the survivors setting themselves up as superior. I was taught stupid shit and I refuted it, I don’t get why anyone would do otherwise. Guess too many good people die in wars, otherwise some tv watching faggot preaching it’s manly to terroise women would have a counterpoint in his own mind, the the question would be what put such a stupid sentiment inside him, then what perverted them, then what needs to be inplace so such stupidity doesn’t reoccur, then how to deal with existing vectors for stupidity.

    I’m pro Russians taking Crimea and Ukraine. They touch Poland and it’s the end of them. Some Russians are stupid but I don’t think Putin is. Germans are scum, they’ve ruined Greece and Ireland through bolstering he german economy lending their goverments money that doesn’t exist, now apprently the turks want Cyprus. The Ukranians have a shit choice between the individuality hating Russians and the stupifying germans.
    Russia is by far the better choice. Russians still have soul. The Russians that like authority and education however are a real problem that will make the Russian people stupid as he germans once Russia returns to communism after Putin.

    I see both sides most of the time but i’m always for the underdog. Anyone who is trying to go their own way. I told a poof about a week ago i’d kill him if I ever saw himagain, and to leave this city after he wrote a note propositioning me. I am disgusted by homosexuality, I consider ganging up on people to be a form of homosexuality however. Plus they are weak, some go gyms and are large but still not men, still not powerful enough to face the world on their own. Some are a lot like women in hat they are gentle and sensitive. Russians extrminating them, i’d be on the poofs side. You don’t take out your enemy, you save him, and you die trying, that is a story, that is a tale of heroism that gets passed on in the lives of who follow, told in lives, not words.

    I unerstand wanting to prevent more victims. So build some place with a mob, then either move the poofs there, or stay there and impove it. Government thinking for people seems to have stifled thought in people.

  110. Arma Says:

    Had a lot to say half asleep, now around people those thoughts are gone.

    Basically you should do your own thing and not be lead by others good or bad. Even if they are a problem. What you are develops, your construct remains free of foreign props. Better, purer, individual, unique.

    If you’re strong it’s your duty to look after those that aren’t, so they’re not crushed/killed, in their combat. So everything can grow tall and complex, so there is more variety in the world, more perspectives and more stories, with a little courtesy good characters make good conversation. We could be in a world that is to exponentially complex to be predictable. Were adventure is in every direction.

    I’ve never liked killing things, even the worst are just pathetic. I’d rather lose fights. Winning means I was stronger and I failed in my duty to help those below me. Winning makes me the bad guy. In sport though both parties can celebrate the battle, fighting to the end and the triumphs in between are the real glory. Those most damaged and still kind and smiling are the real victors. I miss grazed kness being evidence of effort.

    But i’ve been outmatched badly and losing has been a very bad memory insome cases. Whatever I gained from such exeriences I would trade for having the same mental momentum in ignorance. I have enough to do without figuring out how to free and fix people without a chance, but I am honoured to be chosen for the task given how impertive it is and how impossible it seems, I can’t even imagine a fictional character capeble of unfucking such a situation.

    If you carry a weapon, you’ll probably use it. You probably wont choose to have the shit kicked out of you, or get jailed. You wont really get the choice to lose as the attacker will use your weapon on you, or use it as an excuse to inflict more damage. Armed cops for exmple are the best means of obtaining a weapon, untraceble, fast. They pick on the weak, whatever exuse they make for that is nothing but an excuse, virtually supported by the entire world and still acting like a cornered animal. Gets to me when people tell me excuses like because of that they are right to be the same or worse. We don’t do that, were not fucking germans. We dont look for excuses. We don’t operate on screaming anything for any fucking reason.

    If you need a reason not to gang up on some bitchy drag queen watch Kiss of the Spider Woman or Madame Sata. Same if for some reason you think all niggers are the exploiting parasites like the one you saw with a young white girl, go pirate the Jackie Brown OST, they have a hard time in this world and make mistakes like every one else. Deal with scum individually. Shoot that rapist. Don’t go terrorise a neighbourhood.

    Guys degading girls is where I cut off empathy, that is my excuse mode. Girls should be naieve and explore options. Shit options shouldn’t be around. The way to fix that is unfuck those options, make them men. Don’t entitle them, test them, force them to prove good traits in them, force them to be better. Pass on what was passed to you, when they earn it. I think race mixing is novelty and peer pressure from the media, not love. It’s people responding to outside influences, contemptuously in a ironically following rebellion, doesn’t matter. If it’s an attack on another race, if the female isn’t being worshipped then the guy should be killed. If she ever regrets it it was rape. I don’t really think skin colour when I think race, though it’s an essential element, what environment they’re adapted to best live in, it’s more, same soul, or something, the missing parts of he same picture. I don’t think politicians deserve women, they’re a race and them mixing with any kind of female is not on. Not into fat, fat helps you carry on when meals are irregular and food isn’t available. The guys responsability to provide food, so that the girl doesn’t have to adapt to uncertain energy. And to show her things safely, so she doesn’t get hard or lazy.

    Curing homosexuals might be possible, certainly for girls, they’re just preserving themselves and await a knight in shning armour. So make someone incredible, their unique skill at great height would be beautiful and so attractive if not complimentary to a female. Girls aren’t gifts and nobody deserves one as some kind of right, anyone expecting a girls favour because they don’t have a girlfriend and others do should be shot. They need to be shown what they mean to you. I believe in love at first sight, definately not matchmaking, chance, fate, a romantic setting, a need to pss on genes of a man or girl who goes to their death for some cause, long hair in a tower and nothing to do… but not arranged (marriage) rape.

    The race mixing thing has exceptions and it’s good to see some life that two people pursue, they are more for having been together, they go toward something new, and the traits in them combine to make someone adapted to something more than the land they’ve been. Problem is that land doesn’t exist, but that’s the same for most kids, born into a land that didn’t develop according to plan.

    Doing good makes more good, like a domino effect, so there’s not much excuse not to do good wherever you are. Where you are might be a placement god has arranged, where you are needed most or where your character will be tested just shy of it’s breaking point. Mixed kids still need a swing and a ride on your shoulders. Homosexuals still need a friend.

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